About me


I'm a first year graduate student in Brice Kuhl's lab at the University of Oregon.

I am currently working on how pattern differentation happens in the hippocampus with fMRI. I use Python and R for data collection and analysis. Outside the lab, I enjoy cooking, (failing at) baking (and trying again), and hiking.


Jiang, J., Wang, S. F., Guo, W., & Wagner, A. D. (in preparation). Proactive control in context: Context-cued predictions of task demands facilitate perceptual decisions in virtual environments.


Graduate Student

Advisor: Brice Kuhl. Cognitive Neuroscience Area, Psychology Department, University of Oregon.

2018 - present
2016 - 2018

Research Assistant

PIs: Anthony Wagner & Beth Mormino. Psychology and Neurology Departments, Stanford University.


Advisor: Brad Postle. Psychology and Neurobiology Major, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

2012 - 2016