Guo Wanjia

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Tutorials / Classes / Books

I was a TA for Neuromatch Academy, a 3-week online Summer school in computational neuroscience.

This Javascript, CSS, and MTurk Tutorial by Timothy Brady is a really good start for running experiments in MTurk.

My first understanding towards fMRI data came from the fMRI Bootcamp by Rebecca Saxe from MIT.

I was introduced to the Neural network course (CS231n) by Fei-Fei Li, Andrej Karpathy, and Justin Johnson from Stanford in a neural networks course, and I love the way they communicate the concepts.

Neural Network and Deep Learning by Michael Nielsen also introduces neural networks in a very approachable way.

Python Packages

Nipype: Link

Nilearn: Link

fmriprep: Link

PsychoPy: Link

Special thanks to Eric, who has been teaching me a lot of math in our spare time.